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Ethics & Assurance:
Clients dealing in real property deserve a standard of service that is independent, impartial & professionally conducted. The Ragg family name has been synonymous with Fiji's real estate industry since the late 1800's under various Fiji established & family owned realty companies & throughout the decades continues to operate with highly creditable & discerning standards, a reputation difficult to emulate. Even today with the adoption of a more personalized approach Ragglands continues to offer the best service in Fiji's real estate industry. Ragglands is a founding member of the Real Estate Institute of Fiji (REIF) & with its members is actively pursuing the regulation of the Fiji real estate industry & supports the protection & nurturing of 100% locally owned & operated service providers via the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Fiji.

Expertise & Network Cover:
Ragglands property consultant Mr. Luke B.P. Ragg has had over 15 years experience covering the diverse fields of real estate & related disciplines. Coupled with Ragglands long term commitment & experience with real estate dealings in Fiji & considerable strengths of marketing resources & affiliates abroad, clients can be assured of obtaining all necessary data & information to make accurate, valid choices in property decision making.

Sales Islands, Resort Sites, Exotic Property, Residential, Commercial & Industrial Property:
Ragglands remains the most discerning & widest ranging realtor of property in Fiji. An inventory of residential, commercial & industrial property in urban & rural areas is maintained in addition to Ragglands private listing of whole islands, exotic island property & hotel/tourism development sites.

Valuation Services:
Ragglands has provided for over 25 years accurate & authoritative property valuations from the private home owner to Fiji's major investors, businesses, bankers, insurers & institutions. OKerbside market assessments are available upon request & recommended affiliate valuers can also be made available as necessary for full valuation services required for banking & lending purposes.

An inventory of quality residential, commercial & industrial property in urban & rural areas is maintained. Dealings in lease properties can be tailored to suit your requirements through Ragglands on a personalised basis.

Property Management: Residential
Complete property management services are conducted over a wide variety of properties. Management of property is a complex subject where expert application & management skills are be employed to keep pace with the ever-changing marketplace. Ragglands has good experience with management of renovation & maintenance of residential property for offshore vendors.